Understand the foundational voice over concepts & be led step-by-step in the course...

See what you get...

You've heard the word BUSINESS. That's familiar.

You probably understand when you start out (or even if you've been at it a while) that you're getting a small voice over business off the ground. It can be daunting!

But what happens to your brain when you hear the word BRANDING?

"Um, yeah, I don't know what that exactly is in VO..."

How about MARKETING?

"I've heard about it but I dunno where or even how to even start!"

We get it and were once where you are!

Business? We knew generically what to do and how to set things up.

Branding & Marketing? No clue.

It was that mystical unicorn that only a select few had the brains and intellect to grasp and be successful at it!

We never had a course that we could go through that defined and outlined EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED to understand and build a foundational BUSINESS in VOICE OVER.

Our goal: give you the resources you need to create the VO career you want!

So every class at (and the Atlanta Voiceover Studio) has been created out of what WE WISHED we would've had when we were starting out!

This is where the BUSINESS, BRANDING & MARKETING on-demand course comes in.

Whether you're new to the VO biz, or you've been at it for a while struggling to figure out how to market...or who to to make any of it work...or what your brand is...


This is a step-by-step course that will lay everything out in an easy way. And it's what we've learned over a couple decades of being voice over talent, helping us to do this full-time!

Hey, we're Mike & Heidi - veteran voice talent, actors and owners of the Atlanta Voiceover Studio & I won't spend time on that b/c you can check out our work by typing in our names at and seeing just some of the work we've voiced.

But we've spent the last 7 years (at the Atlanta Voiceover Studio) helping new and intermediate VO talent build a full-time career -- helping them get their VO business foundationally sound!

We'll walk you through understanding what it takes to build your voice over business, brand yourself, and then market yourself!

This no longer has to be a mystery!

Join us...

The Atlanta Voiceover Studio &'s mission: EQUIP, ELEVATE, INSPIRE & EMPOWER YOU in your VO Journey!

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We wrote the Business, Branding & Marketing course, because we've never seen any other course actually teach this in a step-by-step manner! We'll be your guide, helping you understand how to showcase your unique self/brand & how to market yourself! We'll also share our tips that can help other areas of your VO biz!

Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover in


Mike & Heidi share exactly what they've learned over their years as full-time talent...

Choosing your legal business name, and when to utilize a DBA or become an LLC or S-Corp...

Invoicing & Tracking - understanding the terms and setting up systems that work for you...

Figuring out your brand by what stands out uniquely about you, your story, and how to market your strengths by figuring out your strategy...

Writing your BIO, Budgeting, Insurance, Tools that work, Website & Socials, Organization, and a ton more!

Here's Everything You Get...

The 10 Core Training Video Chapters

The videos build on each other - for beginners and beyond - building up the business, branding & marketing foundation to set you up for success in voice over longterm. It took us over a decade learning & putting everything together into a system and course that would benefit other talent. ($199 Value)


Within the course you can download the 50-page manual/workbook ensuring set up for success. Following will help you put together what you need to understand, from a foundational level and UP! Going through this workbook, you'll be encouraged as you see your VO business building before your eyes. ($50 Value)

Private Access: VO INSIGHTS

For an 1.5 hours, Mike & Heidi took an honest look at the VO industry, shared successes & failures, & then answered some awesome questions from attendees about all things VO related. It was like an hour's coaching session! The whole video hasn't been made available publicly since that time. You'll glean a lot and be encouraged at the same time! ($200 Value)


You can get this separately, but it comes INCLUDED with the Business, Branding & Marketing course! Mike & Heidi cover WHY you need to network, HOW, & what the right MINDSET is! They also give some ideas to help spark your creativity. Networking doesn't have to feel or be slimy! ($10 Value)

Private Access: Exclusive VIP FB Page

Want advice from the top talent in the nation - FREE? Join the ATL VO Studio & instructors & a growing VO community. Ask questions, and we'll make ourselves available to help! It's like a mini coaching - FREE! (Priceless)


Claim Two Free Gifts With Your Order!

And because you are a first-time customer, when you join the BUSINESS, BRANDING & MARKETING COURSE today, we'll also throw in these additional bonuses at no additional charge.

Social Media Guide for VO Video

($15 Value)

From strategy, content, scheduling & more, this video gives you helpful ideas and direction so you aren't just posting because you "feel like you need to." The bonus video that's included talks about What to Do If You Go Viral. Learn all this and more from their experience.

Rates & Negotiation for VO Video

($15 Value)

Mike & Heidi break down how to determine your rates so that you don't feel like you're pulling numbers "out of the air." Understand the project types, see sample emails/responses, 9 tips to negotiating and more. There's even a PDF to help.


Get BUSINESS, BRANDING & MARKETING for just $159 today!

Take Action Now Because You Don't Want to Wake Up Tomorrow and Be in the Same Place You are Today!


This Program Works If You Will!

We've seen it work and know you're going to enjoy the Business, Branding & Marketing Course and LEVEL up your VO biz! If after you invest today & go through the entire training you don't believe you understand how to brand & market yourself, simply email us (within 30 days of purchase) and we'll return 100% of your investment and unenroll you.

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